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Employees form the most important asset in any organization. A fit and healthy workforce contributes to success in business endeavours. Keeping the workforce in the pink of health is ever an ongoing organizational challenge.

At PhysioCell , we believe that a healthy workforce is the result of two main thrusts:

  1. Prevention of occupational illnesses

  2. Promotion of good health in employees

Our corporate wellness modules are built on our “Health plus Strength = Wellbeing” model, adhering to the classic ‘Assessment, Diagnosis, Counselling, and Treatment’

Our Employee Preventive Healthcare and Wellness program is based on an in-depth understanding of the health risks of the modern corporate lifestyle and how to overcome them. Fortunately for the organization, there are many simple yet effective methods of preventing these problems:

• Preventive diagnosis of degenerative changes before they develop into chronic conditions

• Prevention of occupational illnesses focused on long-term physical conditioning


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