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Natural cholesterol busters

High cholesterol in itself is not a disease but a side effect of an unhealthy lifestyle.The incidence of cholesterol related problems are on the increase and diet,exercise,smoking,undisciplined work and social life also play a significant role in the cholesterol production in our body.

Let us check the options of our natural cholesterol busters -:

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids-transports oxygen from rbc's to body tissues.not only keeps the body free from heart disease,but also stave off problems like arthritis,pms,asthma and depression.

  2. Antioxidants-these are substances in food that stop it from getting oxidised.they protect the heart by reducing the production of harmful chemicals in the blood such as free radicals.

  3. Beta carotene-carotenoids & cholesterol share a common metabolic pathway and a high intake of carotenoids is found to block cholesterol synthesis.

  4. Fibre-fibre is known to bind itself to the cholesterol molecules in the intestines thus inhibiting its absorption by the blood stream.

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