Need for Wellness

Increasingly, our work styles require us to sit on chairs tapping at a computer keyboard or any other such machines. The chance for physical activity is minimal. We end up sitting slouched in our chairs for hours together without even realizing it. Add to this the fact that our lifestyles are not exactly active – the only exercise most of us get is when we are forced to take the stairs when the elevators are out of order. Or maybe the walk to the coffee machine...

All of us are aware that good health and a healthy diet are important but somehow they come last in our priority list; work comes first, deadlines are always snapping at our heels, and we simply cannot be bothered by that slight pain in the lower neck that has been persistent for the past week...

That is, until we fall ill.

It’s only then that we try to get better. Invariably we end up trying to self medicate our way out of our latest illness. If we are ‘lucky,’ we feel better after a few days and we are back to the exact same lifestyle as before. If we are ‘unlucky,’ we might have to spend on surgery, therapy, or extended medication. Lucky or unlucky, we are reactive, not proactive. We tend to recognize pain and learn to live with it. The older we are, the ‘better’ we seem to be at living with the pain.

But why should it be that way? Why not remove the cause of pain at its roots?

This is what we mean by ‘Need for Wellness.’ Most lifestyle-related illnesses are curable with small and smart effort.

At Physio Cell we aim to educate you to the possibilities within your grasp.

What we will do for you is proper consultation for your specific problems, their assessment, diagnosis, and treatment – at your workplace itself! We will reinforce this by a structured program of core-strengthening exercises. We will augment this further with dietary advice and specialized follow-ups – all designed to meet our goal of helping you lead a healthy, active, and adventurous lifestyle.

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